You Don’t Need A License Or A COVID Test To Buy Drinks At The Ghantoot Bottle Shop

You Don’t Need A License Or A COVID Test To Buy Drinks At The Ghantoot Bottle Shop

Buying ’em draanks just got a whole lot easier! And we’re bringing you news JUST in time for the long weekend, so stock up lovelies.

Eurostar Cellar, Ghantoot, now known as Windmill Cellar, is located in Abu Dhabi but you can actually drive down from Dubai WITHOUT a PCR test… that means NO need to shed out extra bucks for COVID-swab tests *cue mental applause*.

Take exit 399 on your way to Abu Dhabi and avail some SUPERB money-saving deals on spirits and more from the Windmill Cellar, all that with NO alcohol license required.

And speaking of money-saving deals, this alcohol retailer is brimming with promotions on over 300 items!!


UP TO 50% OFF ON ALL YOUR FAVES!! What more could one want in life?
Being one of the largest liquor retail stores in UAE, the Ghantoot-based store is clearly not disappointing this long weekend.

Okay so let’s go over this again…

NO alcohol license required, NO PCR test required, up to 50% off on 300+ items… I mean this cellar is a gift that keeps on giving!


Find Windmill Cellar, Ghantoot here

Getting there: At the Dubai-Abu Dhabi Border checkpoint, mention to concerned Authorities that you need to go to Golden Tulip Resort, and you will be let in by exit 399 towards the outlet.

Call the store for more details

056 538 9582 / 054 998 1285 / 056 408 5830

You do not need an alcohol license to purchase alcohol here. No PCR test required when travelling from Dubai.

You Can Visit The Ghantoot Bottle Shop Without Getting A PCR Test
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You don't need a covid test to reach Ghantoot's bottle shop
You don’t need a covid test to reach Ghantoot’s bottle shop
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