Save Up To 50% With The Sale At This Cellar For The Long Weekend!

The long weekend is just around the corner, and there’s no better way to celebrate it than with sales of up to 50% on ALL your fave bevvies. It’s time to stock up on your faves as you get ready to host your friends and family at a fabulous gathering.

Windmill Cellar Is All Set To Help You Countdown To 2023!

The New Year is just around the corner and with that, it’s time to restock and become the host of the year!

FACT: Windmill Cellar Ghantoot Is Open To Dubai Customers!

Yes, there are some entry restrictions to enter Abu Dhabi but Windmill Cellar Ghantoot, which is located at the Ghantoot border has zero restrictions.

The Ghantoot Cellar Is Ready For Amazing Deals For Dads

Windmill Cellar is accessible to all customers coming from Dubai and you can grab all your favourite drinks there. It takes just 20 mins to get there and you don’t even need to bother bringing an ID, no liquor license required – just make sure…

Windmill Ghantoot Will Remain Open Throughout April And May

Take note, Windmill Cellars will remain open throughout April and May. Windmill Cellar is located in Ghantoot, just 20 MINUTES from Dubai, it’s open seven days a week from 9am until 10pm and will continue to run DROP DEALS throughout April and May.

The Ghantoot Cellar Has Massive St Patrick’s Day Sales

Top of the morning to everyone who’s BUZZING for Paddy’s Day! St Patrick’s Day is an Irish cultural celebration, but because the Irish LOVE a party, Paddy’s Day has transformed into a worldwide event,

You Don’t Need A License Or A COVID Test To Buy Drinks At The Ghantoot Bottle Shop

Buying ’em draanks just got a whole lot easier! And we’re bringing you news JUST in time for the long weekend, so stock up lovelies. Eurostar Cellar, Ghantoot, now known as Windmill Cellar, is located in Abu Dhabi but you can actually drive…

You Can Visit The Ghantoot Bottle Shop Without Getting A PCR Test

TAKE NOTES! Eurostar Cellar, Ghantoot is now known as Windmill Cellar, it’s Abu Dhabi-based but you can actually reach from Dubai without a PCR test. One of the UAE’s primary alcohol retailers has changed its name. Introducing… (drum roll…

You don’t need a covid test to reach Ghantoot’s bottle shop

Windmill Cellar – previously called Eurostar Cellar UAE – is within easier reach than you think… Residents in-the-know will be all too familiar with Eurostar Cellar UAE – the enormous drinks retailer (suitable for non-Muslims) located in…